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Program generation using machine learning can be complex and used for advanced and large-scale enterprise software integration but it can also be illustrated with simple examples.

Below is a few simple examples that show the potential of the approach. We hope you will enjoy discovering this new world. You can also use the sandbox access to test it with your own data. If you have a question or if you want to share some interesting cases don't hesitate to contact us.

​To access to the sandbox system please go to register

Wedding Guests Dancing

Tutorial 1

Hello World:Guest List load

Load a simple file of guest list with a different target format. 

This present the basic concept of mapping learning by example of Bailam

Mail Boxes

Tutorial 4

Guest List load to

Load your contact to without having to modify your original excel file

Trading Floor

Tutorial 2

Order transmission to NYSE 

NYSE use a FIX standard for transmission in this example you will transform order in a proprietary spreadsheet into FIX format

Covid 19

Tutorial 3

Covid19 tracking

Download Covid19 tracking data from online live server into personal excel format

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