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Technology trends

New technologies are often used as a buzzword, for us they are importants building blocks in creating a new target architecture that can benefit the industry.

  • Machine Learning is not the universal brain but a set of algorithms that can be used to generate heuristics to solve a complex problem with small steps.

  • Machine learning has proved to be very efficient in learning from data in order to recognise pattern shape one of the most successful applications has been the automated translation as done by google translate. The training of such engines is done by feeding the system with books already translated in different languages. 

  • Data models for computer systems can be assimilated to language for humans, they are different ways to express a common fact. But they are more structured and simple than human language.

Machine learning

Bailam has applied the key concept of machine learning of using data to understand logic to data models. Most ML models used today are designed to learn with large amounts of unstructured data and to produce classification forecasts or trends. Our need is different as we need to produce an exact relation between data and a small sample of data. Bailam tram with the help of Machine Learning experts has developed a unique proprietary methodology to solve such cases.

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