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  • Enterprise IT is now a 60 years old industry and it still takes more time to implement most of large IT projects than to build a skyscraper and the maintenance of these systems take much more than cleaning teams.

  • We moved from centralised to decentralised approach for the different technical components but the complexity link to having different business components speaking one to another has not been resolved. 

  • The common approach when 2 components have to be connected is the rule of the jungle. The “stronger” side imposes its interface to the weaker and provides at best a data dictionary that is rarely very helpful.

  • As we are moving to a service and API architecture the number of interfaces increases and the cost of developing and maintaining them is increasing and most of the cost of IT team in large enterprises is spent in connecting systems more than creating new features.

Enterprise IT dead end

After long experience in large enterprise project Bailam founders have taken a unique approach of addressing the data integration without focussing on the data but on the information it represents developing an innovative methodology and platform to help all actors to share and collaborate.

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