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What Bailam is not

ETL or Database

  • The data and API integration has been a known problem for many years. Many ETL and API platforms are today doing a very good job to help the developer to translate the specification into a production ready process.

  • There is enough ETL and database platform and the multiplicity of them doesn’t make the problem easier but harder.

Bailam approach is to be independent of ETL and be an open architecture that can be expanded to be plugged into the different major ETL or data platforms of the market.

Big data AI platform 

  • Big data intelligent platforms are also appearing everywhere on the radar. They are generally used to analyse large amounts of unstructured data or to find trends in numerical data

Bailam focuses on a less shiny world of structured business dara transformation. This mean we have special constraints to handle: 

  • low amount of learning sample

  • Generated logic should be understandable and editable (no neural network) 

  • Execution of the logic should be compatible with enterprise architecture and security

Magic wand

  • We believe in the strength of collaboration inside teams, across teams and across enterprise. The cost involved with integration does not benefit anyone and is only an expensive pain for each party.

  • Software vendor would benefit of creating community among their clients.

The “intelligence” in the Bailam mapping process is not coming from a magical brain in the computer but it is a way to use and leverage knowledge differently. 

Instead of using the expertise of the BA to create the translation rule between systems Bailam approaches leverage the BA expertise by defining and selecting the scenario as well as using this scenario in the target and source system. By this approach we remove the complex issue of finding a BA who understands

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